Makeup Crew FAQ

What is the Makeup Crew Program?

Makeup Crew is the NYX Professional Makeup rewards program. Members get full access to curated content, insider-only rewards, and exclusive promotions. Click HERE for more details.

How do I earn Makeup Crew exclusive rewards?

For every U.S. dollar you spend on merchandise at NYX Professional Makeup online and in NYX Professional Makeup owned retail stores, you will receive credit when you check out with your registered Makeup Crew email address. Visit the Makeup Crew Terms and Conditions HERE to view full program rules.

What happens if I make a return?

We will deduct the return from your year-to-date member spend when a return is completed.

What are the Makeup Crew exclusive rewards?

Makeup Crew members are eligible for 3 (three) exclusive reward opportunities when a member accrues $40.00, $75.00, or $150.00 during a calendar year. The exclusive rewards are subject to change and supplies are limited. You may only earn each reward one-time per calendar year.

When will I see my recent purchase in my Makeup Crew account activity feed?

Purchase and reward eligibility will be posted to member accounts approximately 72 hours after your purchase in-store, your order ships, or participation in a qualifying activity.

When will I earn my Makeup Crew rewards after completing a purchase?

In-store qualifying purchases will show up in your account within 72 hours from your purchase. Online qualifying purchases will show up in your account within 72 hours of being shipped. Once the purchases are recorded in your Makeup Crew account activity feed, you will receive your Makeup Crew reward offer.

How do I update my Makeup Crew account details?

Visit My Account online HERE to update any member details.

How do I become a Makeup Crew PRO and what do I get?

To join Makeup Crew PRO, please apply online HERE. As a Makeup Crew PRO you will receive a 30% discount on most products and other benefits. Learn more HERE.

I need help with my Makeup Crew or Makeup Crew PRO account.

Please use the Contact Us form for submitting questions. For Makeup Crew questions, please select "Makeup Crew" in the drop-down menu. For Makeup Crew PRO questions, please select "Professional Discount Program Help" in the drop-down menu.

You may also call our Customer Service center 1-844-335-3510.