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Nothing pulls together a look like a perfect set of arches. We're here to teach you everything we know about today's hottest brow trends, including super easy-to-follow tips on how to master them.

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Follow these simple steps to achieve five of today's hottest looks and amazing brows will be yours in no time.

Flawless Full Natural Brow
Microbladed brow
Feathered brow
straight brow
Dramatic arch

Flawless full natural brow

The boyfriend jean of the eyebrow world has arrived! Get your best eyebrows yet with NYX Professional Makeup. This Flawless Full Natural Brow look is all about rocking a healthy-looking and perfectly messy brow that's perfect for your "no makeup" makeup looks. Use our Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil and Control Freak Eyebrow Gel to achieve this gorgeous natural looking brow!

1. Starting off with your natural brows, fill and define brows using our Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil.

2. Use Fill & Fluff Eyebrow Pomade Pencil's unique paddle-shaped eyebrow brush to fluff brows upward.

3. To set this effortlessly flawless look, brush the brow hairs upwards with our Control Freak Eyebrow Gel.

microbladed-look brow

It’s time to take your eyebrow makeup game to the next level. The next best thing to microblading itself, the Microbladed Brow Look is all about mastering precision and creating depth with quick hair-like strokes that give definition. Swap out your old eyebrow kit for your new go-to brow duo: Micro Brow Pencil and Tinted Brow Mascara. The results? A stunning 3D effect that resembles your natural eyebrow hairs.

1. Brush eyebrow hairs upward with the spoolie-end of our Micro Brow Pencil.

2. Use the Micro Brow Pencil to draw hair-like strokes from bottom of brow to tail.

3. Brush the brow hairs upwards using our Tinted Brow Mascara to set the look.

feathered brow

Brows of a feather flock together. The Feathered Brow is both purposefully imperfect and hyper-focused on emphasizing each and every little hair. If you want your brows to look soft, full and feather-like, then this is the eyebrow makeup for you. Pair our Precision Brow Pencil and Control Freak Eyebrow Gel together to create this gorgeous brushed-up brow look.

1. Lightly fill your brows with the Precision Brow Pencil. Use short strokes to mimic the look of natural hair.

2. Use the Precision Brow Pencil to add an extra touch of color where the brow starts and to the lower arch area for feather perfection.

3. Brush the brow hair upwards with our Control Freak Eyebrow Gel to set this artfully disheveled look.

straight brow

You don't need to have an arch to have a great brow! The Straight Brow is characterized by its minimal arch, fresh-faced look and soft, natural shape. Not only do straight brows give your face a more relaxed, natural look, but they also draw attention towards the center of your face. Take your eyebrow makeup game to the next level by using our Eyebrow Powder Pencil and Tinted Brow Mascara to achieve your freshest, straightest brows yet.

1. Brush brows into place using the spoolie end of our Eyebrow Powder Pencil. Comb the inner hairs up, center hairs down and corner-end hairs out.

2. Fill in the inner part of brows with the pencil end of the Eyebrow Powder Pencil, going lightly at the inner bottom.

3. Shade underneath the arch to create the illusion of a flat base and then extend the tail end of your brows horizontally with the pencil end of the Eyebrow Powder Pencil.

4. Swipe on Tinted Brow Mascara to set and darken brows.

sculpted & defined brow

A nod to the precision and skill of professional makeup artists, the Sculpted & Defined Brow looks like it's been painted on, carved out and cleaned up to reveal thick, flat and beautiful arches. Now you can work on perfecting a fuller, thicker eyebrow shape in no time. NYX Professional Makeup has the best eyebrow makeup for creating sculpted brows. Use our Pro Dual Brow Brush, Tame and Frame Brow Pomade and Tinted Brow Mascara to achieve this well-defined look.

1. Brush the brows in the direction as hair growth using the Pro Dual Brow Brush or its spoolie.

2. Fram your brows precisely using our Tame and Frame Brow Pomade for intense definition.

3. Swipe on our Tinted Brow Mascara to set and darken the look.

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